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FeelSafe SDX Baggage Scanner Series brings together advanced technology and extreme reliability to provide exceptional value for investment.

About FeelSafe


The FeelSafe SDX Series are Multi Energy Baggage Scanners designed and developed with advanced scanning technologies by a high qualified and expert team at Evolve, the pioneer in indigenous Digital X-Ray Industrial Inspection System development.

The FeelSafe Baggage Scanner is built ‘in a state of the art’ manufacturing facility and meets the most stringent requirements with regards to product strength and structural integrity. It has been subjected to rigorous testing in challenging conditions and extreme environment.

The FeelSafe SDX Baggage Scanner incorporates the world’s best X-Ray imaging technology with capabilities to detect prohibited inorganic & organic materials like weapons, explosives, narcotics, etc. The scanners come with our proprietary software with an ergonomically developed Graphical User Interface which uses pseudo color images to improve display capabilities and automatic marking to enhance the operator’s ability to identify suspicious items. The software interface is simplified such that even first time users can operate the machine comfortably. The scanner can be connected to a local area network for checking and matching from a pre-loaded and configured database. It also offers numerous enhanced features such as Threat Image Projection (TIP), Pseudo Color Imaging, and Self Diagnosis. It also has been designed to be accessible at three levels of control, i.e. Operator, Supervisor and the Administrator, thus improving the security parameters of the scanner itself. List of the best online casinos for 2019 check out our list of top rated online casinos.

As Evolve is the manufacturer of the X-ray generator; Detector and Data Acquisition, as well as the imaging and application software including TIP, Pseudo Color Imaging, Self-Diagnosis, we are in unique position to cater uninterrupted and assured quality services.

Evolve believes that consistently high quality of deliverables can be only achieved, if standard procedures and processes are defined for the multiple tasks, and these procedures are adhered to. Evolve is ISO 9001-2008 Certified company. Our commitment is to maintain quality and schedules to ensure customer’s needs are met consistently and satisfactorily. It adopts a systems approach in resolving problems, encourages new experimentation, innovation and creativity in finding appropriate solutions

FeelSafe SDX X-ray baggage inspections systems are certified by the Atomic Energy Regulating Board (AERB) India with regards to radiation safety. The products are designed in such way that it should meet all AERB standards.


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