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About Us

Evolve is a young and fast growing company in the X-Ray Imaging, Information Technology and Telecom domains with a pan India footprint.

We are a privately held, professionally managed corporation, which is a part of the Evolve Group of companies, founded by the Tandon Group. We have come into existence based on firm ideologies that are represented by professionals who have rallied together to pool in past business experiences, exposure and contributions in various specialized domains of the IT sector.

The Concept

 Evolve is defined as the process of undergoing change and gaining experience leading to the acquisition of new skills and achieving overall development and definitive progress.

This definition of Evolve has been our guiding vision and core belief.

The logo symbolizes the process of constant evolution and continual change.

The colors of the logo have been selected to depict our values.

Light blue expresses partnership and understanding.

Dark blue expresses knowledge and integrity.

Black expresses strength and authority.

Our Vision and Core Values

Our Vision

To be a dream technology company, based on correct by construction approach in everything we do, to become the first choice of customers across all their needs.

Our Core Values

 Values are defined as a collection of guiding, usually positive, important and enduring principles shared by the members of a group about what is deemed to be correct and desirable and what is not.

They exert a major influence on the behavior of each individual within the group and serve as broad guidelines and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.

Our Corporate Responsibilities

 To benchmark ourselves beyond legal compliance in areas like corporate governance, environment sensitivity and human rights.

To achieve overall accountability in conducting business, as well as educating and encouraging similar practices in our own supply chain.

To uphold the same code of conduct as that of our principals.