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FeelSafe Baggage Scanner

The FeelSafe SDX series of Baggage Scanners are suitable for Hotels, Shopping Centers, Cargo Facilities & other areas requiring high security.

The FeelSafe SDX series baggage inspection system consists of high resolution dual energy X-ray generation, real time image capture, digital image processing and enhancement, high speed computer hardware with smart software algorithms. It provides sharp and clear real time x-ray images, superior image processing functions with system self-diagnostic abilities.

The FeelSafe SDX series of baggage inspection systems are available in two variants.

Feelsafe Series SDX5030

Tunnel Size: 550 mm x 350 mm

Feelsafe Series SDX6040

Tunnel Size: 640 mm x 450 mm

Product Specifications

Steel Penetration 37mm
Wire Resolution 35AWG Naked Eyes, 42AWG with processing functions
Conveyor Speed 0.2m/sec
Bi-Directional Scanning
Threat Image Protection (TIP)
Pseudo Color Imaging with Z-Number measurement
Software Controlled Diagnostic Report Facility
High Density Detection
Baggage Counter Black & White Image
Organic & In-organic Image
Brightness, Contrast Controlled through Software
Three Level Access Authority
Negative Image
Edge Enhancement
9 quadrant  Zoom up to 64X
Image Review- unlimited images
Clear Images with Multi energy Imaging along with Explosives
Automatic  Image Archiving
PAN Option
Print Image Possibility
Date & Time Display & Baggage Counter
Real Time Image Storage
Report Generation Facility
X-Ray Leakage: Less than 0.1µSv/hr (Meets all applicable laws as per AERB)
Storage Temperature: 20 C to 70 C
Humidity (Non Condensing): 98%
Power Supply: 230 V-AC, 50Hz
Operating Temperature: 0 C to 50 C
Power Consumption: 0.6 kW
Entry & Exit Roller table
Un interrupted Power Supply
Control Desk for Monitor, Keyboard
Stabilizer ( As per requirement)
X-ray Generator
Anode Voltage: 160kV
Current: 1.25mA
Cooling : Sealed Oil bath with forced air