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Rental Facilities



Nowadays, there are a lot of situations where baggage scanners are required to improve the security for short periods of time. These could be used at places where a large congregation of people is expected for a limited period of time. Political rallies, religious gatherings, sporting events, exhibitions and seminars are just some examples of such situations.

At times like this the preferred methodology of security enhancement is using baggage scanner on a rental basis. This meets the security needs in an economical and efficient fashion.

We offer rental options for baggage scanner systems for various requirements and sectors across India for short as well as long term options to ensure that all your needs are covered.

Short Term:

The short term plans can be availed for requirements ranging from one day to one week.

Long term:

We also offer the baggage scanner systems on rent from one month up to one year under the long term rental facility.

We also maintain machines in stock to support most requirements with a quick turnaround. Our support services include delivery to site, installation by qualified engineers, operational training, and technical support during the rental period. Onsite engineering support, installation as well as dismantling services coupled with transportation support to and fro ensure that the customer convenience is given top priority.